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About NDAA

We are a new Real Estate Appraiser Association. The purpose of this association is to serve the Real Estate Appraisers of North Dakota. Our official Mission Statement is currently being developed. However, the overall goal of the association is to resolve issues in the Appraisal industry. By resolving issues on an ongoing and proactive way, we will benefit the public, appraisers, and the entire housing and lending industry.


After years of aspiration and multiple efforts, the North Dakota Appraisers Association (NDAA) has taken flight - becoming the central voice for the diverse real estate appraisal industry in ND!

On Monday, September 12, 2016, the 100+ members of the NDAA, elected their first ever slate of officers (4) and board of directors (5)!  These dedicated volunteers, from all around ND – see below, are excited to serve as they move forward to accomplish the purposes of the NDAA:

The ND appraisal industry has long needed a unified organization like the NDAA to be their central voice - to inform, guide and educate, not only the real estate appraisers, but also the other professionals, legislators and consumers involved in the real estate business. The NDAA assists appraisers as we incorporate appraisal requirements and practices into our work and take on the appraisal challenges unique to ND. The NDAA will serve as a legitimate source of appraisal education and information and a beacon of professionalism for all involved in this critical profession. 

NDAA Bylaws

Final Bylaws - NDAA - 06 20 2016.pdf         




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