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BOD Meeting Minutes 12/21/2020

Tuesday, December 22, 2020
Minutes 12-21-2020 Conference Call Meeting.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes 11/18/2020

Friday, November 20, 2020
Minutes 11-18-2020 Zoom and In-Person Meeting.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes 10/7/2020

Thursday, October 8, 2020
NDAA Minutes Zoom meeting 10-2020.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes - 8-13-2020

Thursday, August 13, 2020
NDAA Summit Minutes 08-13-2020.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes 6/9/2020

Wednesday, June 10, 2020
NDAA Minutes 6-9-2020.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes 4/15/2020

Thursday, April 16, 2020
NDAA Minutes 4-15-20.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes 3/1/2020

Thursday, March 19, 2020
NDAA Minutes 3-19-20.pdf
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BOD Meeting Minutes 2/12/2020

Friday, February 14, 2020

North Dakota Appraisers Association

 Board of Directors Meeting

Conference Call

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Meeting was called to order by President Bill Gion at 3:00 pm, CST

Present: President: Bill Gion, Secretary/Treasurer: Rhonda Knudson, Past President, Joe Ibach.  Board Members: Patricia Hodenfield,  Wade Becker, Nick Duchscher, Membership Chairman, Dean Rylander,  Executive Secretary: Debbie Ellerton, Advisor, Craig Steinley.  Not present: Board Members, Kathy Berry & Ross Berg, President-Elect, Joe Sumers

The agenda was presented for the meeting. The agenda was approved as presented.


Strategic Plan Meeting in Medora, August 13 & 14th.  This was reviewed and comments were solicited from the Events committee members and an agenda is forthcoming. 

Wade Becker gave a report on the Tribal appraisal contact that was made.  There has been no response to date.


Government Relations: Joe Ibach, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement.

Discussion of the Temporary Waiver Request, Legislative Agenda, Evaluations, Hybrid/Bifurcated Appraisals, and Diminimus Increase.  A motion was made at the November 20, 2019 meeting to contribute $2500 to the Diminimus Increase legal effort, but this did not come to fruition, so that money will not be used to fund that effort. 

Bylaws and Policy Committee: Rhonda Knudson, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement

There was a report and update on the work on the proposed changes to the Bylaws for 2020. 

Finance Committee: Joe Sumers, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement

Debbie Ellerton gave the financial report in the Chairman’s absence.  Motion (Patty Hodenfield) to approve the current financial report.  Nick Duchscher seconded.  Motion carried.

Motion (Joe Ibach) to make a policy change for the Executive Secretary and the Secretary/Treasurer to be the only signatories on the checking account.  Wade Becker seconded.  Motion carried.

Marketing and Public Relations: Wade Becker, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement

Corporate Memberships are being established and will be added to the membership opportunities. 

Website Committee: Ross Berg, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement

Debbie Ellerton, in the absence of the Chairman, gave an update on the website updates and any troubleshooting that has come up with membership renewals.

Education Committee: Kathy Berry, Chair

No report – there was some discussion on Upcoming Spring Class Offering.

Membership Committee: Dean Rylander, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement

Report and updates on Membership & recruiting, Election update, & Associate Membership. 

Motion (Rhonda Knudson) that Membership dues are due by December 31st of each calendar year and if not paid by March 31st of the following year, that member’s profile will be removed from the website.  Motion was seconded by Nick Duchscher.  Motion carried.

Events Committee: Patty Hodenfield, Chair

Presentation of Committee Purpose & Goal Statement

Update on the upcoming November 2020 Annual Conference at the Ramkota in Bismarck on November 18th thru 20th. 

Update on the November 17-19, 2021 Annual Conference at the Doubletree in West Fargo.

Motion (Joe Ibach) to accept all of the Committee Reports.  Patty Hodenfield seconded.  Motion carried.



Next Meeting: TBD

Motion (Patty Hodenfield) to adjourn the meeting.  Nick Duchscher seconded.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Knudson Secretary/Treasurer, NDAA

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2019 Annual Membership Meeting 11-22-2019

Friday, November 22, 2019
Approval Pending

North Dakota Appraisers Association Fourth Annual Membership Meeting

Friday, November 22, 2019 at 12:00 Ramada Conference Center - Fargo, ND


The meeting was called to order by President, Joe Ibach. There was a quorum present, 68 of 147 (46%) qualified members.


Welcome to the members and guests by President Ibach.


Agenda Approval: The agenda was reviewed. Motion: Wade Iverson made a motion to accept the agenda as presented. Brie Leier seconded the motion. Motion passed.


2018 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes: The minutes were reviewed. Motion: Al Kunick) made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Daryl Kerzman seconded. Motion passed.


2019 Financial Report and 2020 Budget

A financial statement was provided for 2019 and a copy of the 2020 budget, which was reviewed with the general membership. Motion: Noel Johnson made a motion to approve the 2019 financial report.  Carrie Mann seconded.  Motion carried. 

Motion: Neil Eriksmoen made a motion to approve the 2020 proposed budget as presented.  Luke Koterba Seconded.  Motion carried.


Standing Committee Reports


Membership Committee – Dean Rylander, Chair, reported 153 members in 2018 and 147 members in 2019.  The Associate membership is now a policy and is open to anyone else wanting to join in that capacity.


Finance Committee Rhonda Knudson reported on and presented the proposed 2020 budget. The financial statement for 2019 to date was also presented to the membership.  Accounting and record keeping protocols were implemented and used in 2019 and will continue for 2020.


Education Committee Kathy Berry, Chair, reported the NDAA held several classes.  The classes covered a wide variety of appraisal issues and topics.  The next Annual Conference and Education offering will be held in Bismarck on November 18, 19, 20, 2020 at the Ramada.


Public Relations Committee – Wade Becker, Chair, presented a report of work done thus far which included the Associate Membership Brochure and the Membership Brochure.  Additional volunteers are needed for this committee.


Website Committee – Ross Berg, Chair, reported that the website is functioning properly and that several new features were added, such as the map function.  Online registration for classes is working well and the majority of the members have used this feature. 




Bylaws/Policy Committee – Rhonda Knudson, Chair, reported that the committee continues to work on amendments to policy and procedures and will post them on the website. The policy for Associate Membership was implemented.  The committee is currently working with the committee on revisions to the Articles of the Bylaws that need attention.  It will be given to the attorney that helped draft the Bylaws to revise some of the language.  This draft will be presented to the general membership for comment and will be voted on at the next general membership meeting.


Government Relations Committee Joe Ibach, Chair, reported that there are a multitude of issues that this committee addressed and work is continuing.  These issues include the ND Appraisal Waiver and the Diminimus increase in thresholds.  They are working on some proposed legislation and some coordination on Evaluations with the BND.  There are several future issues that the committee is working on and needs more assistance and volunteers.


Old Business

President Ibach updated the membership on the Strategic Plan that was updated at the BOD Summer Retreat in Bismarck.  This updated Strategic plan will be posted on the website.


New Business

The elections results are as follows:

President Elect – Joe Sumers

Secretary/Treasurer – Rhonda Knudson

Director Position – Kathy Berry

Director Position – Nick Duchscher


President Ibach gave some closing remarks and passed the gavel to the incoming President, Bill Gion.   President Gion gave remarks regarding his new tenure as President to the membership.   President Gion thanked Dean Rylander and Tiffiney Dick for their dedication and leadership on the NDAA Board.  President Gion had all veterans stand for recognition and Joe Sumers, the newly elected President Elect (and a veteran himself) led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Motion by Neil Eriksmoen to adjourn the meeting.  Ross Berg Seconded.  Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned by President Gion at 1:29 pm



Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Knudson, Secretary/Treasurer

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BOD Minutes November 20, 2019 - In person Meeting

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
NDAA Minutes 11-2019v.2.pdf
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