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Supplement to NDAA Education Support Scholarship Application

NDAA Education Support Scholarships were created to assist current NDAA members in the advancement of their professional careers. The scholarships award up to $500 per award to help defray the costs of classes and travel for qualifying education for license upgrades or for professional development/certification programs.

Eligibility and Requirements:

1) Applicant must be or become a member of NDAA at the time of application.
2) Applicant must be at a minimum ND State Credential of Apprentice Appraiser in good standing with the North Dakota Real Estate Qualifications and Ethics Board
3) Applicant must submit a completed application
4) Applicant must submit a written essay of no less than 500 words stating why the applicant should be awarded the scholarship. The essay should include:

– The applicant’s goals for advancement within the profession utilizing the education gained with the scholarship
– Discuss ways the applicant plans to positively impact the profession
– Discuss what the applicants view of the future role of appraisal organizations, including what influence they may have in supporting and enhancing the appraisal profession now and in the future.

5) Applicant must submit a resume’

When preparing your essay to be submitted with your application, please explain and provide details regarding:

1) Why you feel it is important to be a member of NDAA
2) Your financial need for this scholarship
3) Your plan/timeline for achieving your goals including attaining necessary appraisal experience


1) Scholarship money may be used for the following:

A. Qualifying Education for upgrading State Credential
B. Acquiring qualifications for a Professional Appraiser Designation, SRA, MAI, Professional Certification Program, etc.
C. All courses must include a test that the applicant successfully passes.

2) Scholarship money will be paid directly to the applicant upon receipt and verification of course attendance
and successful completion and receipts for expenses incurred.
3) The amount paid to the applicant will be no more than the verified expenses. The maximum amount paid
will be no more the amount of the scholarship awarded. Eligible expenses include cost of course, hotel/airline/travel expenses, etc.
4) Class must be completed, and verification of attendance and receipts must be submitted to the NDAA Executive Secretary within 18 months of the date it is awarded.
5) Priority consideration given to those who have not received scholarship funds in past 24 months, but past recipients are eligible for funding.

All applications will be reviewed, and all information verified by the NDAA Education Support Scholarship Committee. Scholarships will be awarded at the NDAA Annual Meeting.


Submit competed application and all required documents to:
Katie Lauckner
Executive Administrator
(701) 527-2897